AlertID is Helping to Save the Lives of Thousands

by WFYS on August 10, 2013

Violent crimes happen everyday in America and in 2012 San Francisco witnessed a mind blowing 7.5% increase in violent crime activity. The police department there had no idea what to do at the time and really needed to go back to the drawing board with this.

There is a new technology out called AlertID which was developed in 2009. AlertID has one goal and that is to protect your family and loved ones from something terrible happening to them. It’s main goal is to keep you notified at all times if there is something going on that may jeopardize them.

One of the unique features of AlertID is always keeping the people around you informed at all times. Members can login and easily and quickly share information with family and friends. It only takes a matter of minutes and the user can quickly create specific alert groups including lost and found items, suspicious activity and a ton more.

You’re going to be surprised when you find out the cost, It’s 100% free to join! That’s right, you can sign up today at no cost!

Currently AlertID covers all 50 states and is continually expanding to new areas.

There is also a cool mobile map that members can use to keep tabs on their subjects at all times. You’ll never not be in control of how you use this service, it’s completely custom tailored to you.

Some other interesting facts are that AlertID is actually partnered with the National Crime Prevention Council. This means that AlertID is constantly being updated with new information all of the time. Also the technology is constantly being developed as far as I’m aware, so you’ll always live comfortably knowing you are using cutting edge technology.

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